Tele-Fonika Kable secures 1st SheathEx™ order in Europe

Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. (TF Kable) is the first company in Europe to invest in BWE’s SheathEx™ technology. Based in Poland, TF Kable is the largest cable company in Central and Eastern Europe delivering its products to more than 80 countries in the world.


In 2013, the company was awarded the Special Honorary Distinction for their 500 kV cable produced at their Bydgoszcz Plant. TF Kable’s development and expansion programme (2011-2014) included the purchase of the SheathEx line, which allowed the company to consolidate its position in the ranking of manufacturers specialising in the production of High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) cables.

TF Kable are now able to extrude a ‘seamless’ (no weld) aluminium sheath over cable. The aluminium sheath is produced from 2 x 12.0mm diameter aluminium rods. The sheath is corrugated inline (helical or annular) to improve flexibility.

Mr Marcin Szymański (Vice President High Voltage Systems) says, “This investment reflects consistent execution of TF Kable’s strategy to expand in the EHV business.  With our new SheathEx line we are able to serve our clients with a modern, reliable and economic solution for power generation and  transmission systems”.

As well as this first contract in Europe, BWE have supplied a further six lines to cable companies in China. All are in full production and these cable manufacturers are now able to secure large cable contracts based on the aluminium sheath being ‘seamless’. With no weld, the cable sheath is now reliable against the ingress of moisture. By using aluminium instead of lead, the cable is much lighter, environmentally friendly and less harmful to health. An aluminium sheath has good mechanical properties making it stronger and lighter than lead with higher conductivity.

TF Kable also have a BWE Conform™ 350 machine. This machine is used to extrude round and sector shape Solid Aluminium Conductor (SAC) from 2 x 9.5mm diameter aluminium rods.

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