Russian company ATEX Ltd purchase Conform™ 400 for SAC

IMG_3755The company ATEX Ltd is located in Kolchugino, Russia and was established in 2011. ATEX purchased a Conform™ 400 line from BWE in 2012 and the machine is currently engaged in the production of Solid Aluminium Conductors (SAC), round and sector shape for power cables and winding wires. The conductors are extruded from 2 x 9.5mm diameter aluminium rods and they produce approximately 300 tonnes of SAC per month. Their product range is from 50mmto 300mm2.

ATEX is a relatively young and vibrant company with high expectations for the future. The company plan to produce thin-wall aluminium tubes on the same machine in the very near future.

A reference letter from ATEX can also be found here.

Please refer to pictures of their new factory (during winter snow) and their Conform line.



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