SheathEx™ Success


2017 proved to be a very successful year for BWE. As well as a Conform™ machine for refrigeration tube and a Conklad™ machine for specialised OPGW cables, BWE secured three further contracts for their unique SheathEx™ technology.

A SheathEx machine uses two aluminium rods (12.0mm or 9.5mm Ø) to form a ‘seamless’ aluminium sheath around HV and EHV cables.

SheathEx Production Video

Baosheng High Voltage Cable Co. Ltd (BHVC) from China required a SheathEx machine to compliment what they already produced on a conventional extrusion press. BHVC continue their expansion in supplying XLPE, HV and EHV power cables (up to 500kV) using the best manufacturing equipment from Europe.

Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd (PEWC) from Taiwan and Iljin Electric Co. Ltd from South Korea already supplied aluminium-sheathed HV cables using the welding method. New cable requirements in new markets demanded a ‘seamless’ and corrugated aluminium sheath (i.e. no weld). Apart from investing in a large and expensive extrusion press, the only option for them was SheathEx.

BWE’s success has continued into 2018, by securing another SheathEx contract for a ‘smooth’ aluminium sheathed cable application in Europe.

BWE recently exhibited at Wire 2018 in Dusseldorf and the interest in their SheathEx technology far exceeded their expectations. If you wasn’t at the show and need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please also refer to the production video on this website.

For more than 40 years, BWE have manufactured and supplied Conform continuous extrusion machines worldwide. The company has an ongoing programme to innovate new applications for their technology and have a busy schedule of trials on their development machine. These include extrusion of titanium and silver powder into wire and new metal cladding / sheathing applications. If you have a new application for our extrusion process, please send us an email with your product requirements and our technical team will consider if some proving trials would be worthwhile (confidentiality is assured and an NDA can be agreed and signed). We look forward to receiving your enquiry.