Conklad™ 315 Machine for Small Sheathing & Cladding Applications

BWE Conklad 315 SGT (T)

BWE is pleased to announce a new addition to the range of Conform™ and Conklad™ continuous extrusion machines. The new machine is designated Conklad 315 and is based on the highly successful and well-proven Conform 315 model.

Using a single groove operating in tangential mode, enables small and delicate cores to be sheathed from one feedstock rod instead of two. A smaller machine and less ancillary equipment simplify the Conklad process, which in turn reduces capital and running costs.

The machine has been optimised for high efficiency production of:

·         Aluminium Clad Steel Wire
·         OPGW and CATV cables
·         Sheathed Composite Cores
·         Reinforced Aluminium Wire
·         Solid Aluminium Conductor