BWE Ltd (formerly Babcock Wire Equipment) was established in 1969 and has four principal product ranges:

  • Conform - extrusion machinery for aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Conklad - machinery for cladding or sheathing wires and cables with aluminium.
  • SheathEx - machinery for sheathing high voltage power cables with aluminium.
  • Coldweld - machines for joining non-ferrous metals without heat, fillers or fluxes.

BWE Ltd has been manufacturing Cold Welding Machines since the company was established and this is still very much part of the business today.

BWE Conklad 315 SGT (T)The Coldweld range covers fine wires from 0.08mm using simple hand-operated machines to large electrically powered machines which can weld rods up to 35mm in diameter.

BWE Ltd is a very well established substantial private company which enables it to undertake large contracts with confidence, to focus on the technology, and is able to respond quickly and appropriately to customer needs.

BWE Shanghai Ltd is a subsidiary Company formed to support the customers of BWE in China and to manufacture and supply continuous extrusion technology and cold welding equipment to the Chinese market. BWE Shanghai may be contacted through

BWE Ltd owns the registered names Conform, Conklad and SheathEx together with a number of critically important patents associated with the processes and their development.

Over the years it has been the policy of BWE Ltd to invest in the business. The range of applications and patents demonstrates its success in development of the technology.