Russian company ATEX Ltd purchase Conform™ S400 for SAC

The company ATEX Ltd is located in Kolchugino, Russia and was established in 2011. ATEX purchased a Conform™ 400 line from BWE in 2012 and the machine is currently engaged in the production of Solid Aluminium Conductors (SAC), round and sector shape for power cables and winding wires. The conductors are extruded from 2 x…


Conform™ 315 for TT Cables

TT cables is a leading producer of 1 kV power cables in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2013, BWE commissioned a Conform 315 line to produce Solid Aluminium Conductor (SAC) from 2 x 9.5mm diameter aluminium rods.


SheathEx™ Production Video

  – SheathEX – High Voltage Power Cable Sheathing Line – 2 x 12mm Aluminium Feedstock Rods are unwound, straightened and cleaned before being fed into the SheathEX Machine – The Cable Core (126.3mm diameter in this case) is hauled from a Drum Pay-Off and fed into the SheathEX Machine – The Cable Core is…